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8 | AChemS Abstracts 2012
2012 Awardees
34th Annual Givaudan Lectureship — Givaudan Corporation
David Anderson, PhD, California Institute of Technology
Annual Ajinomoto Award to Promising Young Researcher in the
Field of Gustation
Ichiro Matsumoto, PhD, Monell Chemical Senses Center
International Flavors and Fragrances Award for Outstanding Research
on the Molecular Basis of Taste
Yuzo Ninomiya, PhD, Kyushu University
21st Annual Moskowitz Jacobs Award for Research in Psychophysics of
Human Taste and Smell
Juyun Lim, PhD, Oregon State University
Max Mozell Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Chemical Senses
John Hildebrand, PhD, University of Arizona
The AChemS Young Investigator Award for Research in Olfaction
Richard Benton, PhD, University of Lausanne
The Don Tucker Memorial Award (2011 Awardees)
Rodrigo Pacifico, Northwestern University
Matthew Phillips, Yale University
The Polak awards are funded by the Elsje Werner-Polak Memorial Fund
in memory of our niece gassed by the Nazis in 1944 at age 7:
Ghislaine Polak and the late Ernest Polak
Polak Young Investigator Award Recipients
Ning Cheng, NIH/NINDS
Timothy Connelly, University of Pennyslvania School of Medicine
David Gire, University of Colorado, Rocky Mountain Taste and Smell Center
Dyan MacWilliam, University of California Riverside
Jeremy McIntyre, University of Michigan
Anan Moran, Volen Center for Complex Systems